Passion Party Consultants in New Jersey

Passion Party Vendors in New Jersey

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This is our page for Passion Party in NJ – a directory listing Passion Party Consultants located in New Jersey who offer romantic products, relationship enhancement products, bedroom accessories, bath and body products, etc. through home parties, online sales, vendor events, etc.

Event Planners! Need vendors for your event? Many of the Passion Party vendors listed may be available for women and girls night out events, bridal shows, vendor fairs, and other events with vendors. Vendors! Looking for events to promote and sell your products? See our Index for Events in NJ by County for events near you – or Events in NJ by Month.

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New Jersey Counties with Passion Party listings so far:

Burlington •• Essex •• Monmouth •• Union ••

Listings are in alphabetical order by New Jersey county first – then by the Passion Party Consultant’s last name.

Map of New Jersey with Bergen County highlighted.
Romance Products, Bath and Body Products

  • Corinne Mitchell, Passion Parties
    Bogota NJ 07603 ~~ 201-321-5657
    Bergen County New Jersey
    Email: moc.liamgnull@yrochtiwytrap
    Passion Parties are fun, free, and educational – for women or couples – perfect for bachelorette parties or any evening of fun with friends; discreet and confidential consultation and ordering. No party too big or too small, available for vendor events within the tri-state area.
    Free listing submitted 4/15.

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Map of New Jersey with Burlington County highlighted.

Romance Products, Bath and Body Products

  • Teresa Carmichael-Dodd, Passion Parties
    Passion Parties By Teresa Carmichael-Dodd
    Palmyra NJ 08065 ~~ 215-439-8999
    Burlington County New Jersey
    Ready to make your love life sizzle? Check out the hottest toys, love potions, body and bath products and more. Passion parties are the ultimate girls night in. Our passion consultants are enjoying personal and financial freedom. Want to join? Book your Passion Party today! It’s free and fun! I am available for events.
    Free listing submitted 4/15.
  • Cody Stiles, Passion Parties
    Cinnaminson NJ 08077 ~~ 856-979-8259
    Burlington County New Jersey
    Email: moc.liamgnull@ydocybseitrapnoissap
    Passion Parties is about bringing the passion and romance back into your life! I have something for everyone, from mild to wild! It does not matter if you are single, in a relationship, or married! Our vending events are always family friendly, unless requested! I am available immediately for events.
    Re-verified 3/15 ws – free listing submitted 12/13.

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Map of New Jersey with Essex County highlighted.

Romance Products, Bath and Body Products

  • Maria Otero-Johnson, Passion Parties
    Discreet Bliss Passion By Maria
    Essex County New Jersey
    Email: moc.liamgnull@airaMyBnoissaP
    Bridal showers, bachlorette parties, birthday parties, girls nite in, girls night out, building relationships, confidence – all your passion needs from lotions, bedroom sprays, games, books, nighties, candles, sugar scrubs, love potions and toys. Get it privately – “Discreet Bliss” – right at your door. Host a free party or own your business. Ask me how! I am available for events.
    Re-verified 3/15 ws – free listing submitted 10/14.
  • Viola Pearson, Passion Parties
    Passion Parties by Viola
    Newark NJ 07108 ~~ 973-245-1370
    Email: moc.liamgnull@seitrapnoissapaloiv
    Passion Parties by Viola is available for in home, privates, events, clubs, and bars. I do different themes and occasions. I do presentations, education, games, and questions and answers. I travel where needed. I do online sales as well.
    Re-verified 3/15 ws – free listing submitted 10/14.

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Map of New Jersey with Monmouth County highlighted.

Romance Products, Bath and Body Products

  • Tali Elshtein, Passion Party Consultant
    Passion Parties by Tali
    Ocean NJ 07712 ~~ 732-312-8808
    Tali Elshtein, Email:
    Pleasure parties by Passion Parties are the premier in-home adult shopping experience for women 18 and older. Parties are fun, classy and provide a comfortable and confidential evening for women.
    Re-verified 3/15 ws – free listing submitted 5/13.

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Map of New Jersey with Union County highlighted.

Romance Products, Bath and Body Products

  • Lindsay Halstead, Passion Parties Consultant
    Rahway NJ 07065 ~~ 973-634-5108
    Email: moc.liamgnull@seitrapnoissapragus
    My goal is to empower women to discover their inner confidence at any age, size, and amount of experience. Every woman deserves to have an amazing, fulfilling life in and out of the bedroom, and I plan to teach them how to get in touch with it. Having a Passion Party is a great way to experience the ultimate girls’ night in. You’ll giggle, you’ll learn and best of all – we’ll show you ways to spice up your love life. Plus, you and your guests can earn free products. All you have to do is get your friends together – we’ll take care of the rest. You don’t need a reason to have a Passion Party — we’ll turn any night into an unforgettable evening of fun and excitement for you and your girlfriends. But if you have a special event coming up, adding Passion Parties will kick up the fun. Bachelorette parties, girls’ night, spa day, birthday parties, recently-single parties — whatever the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a Passion Party. Your love life will never be the same. Passion Parties are designed to inform and educate women through tasteful in-home presentations where you have an opportunity to experience sensual products specifically created to enhance your romantic relationship. Best of all, you’ll have a blast in the process. If you’re ready to take your intimate life to a whole new level, we have just what you need. Hosting a Passion Party is both free and fun, and as the party hostess, you’ll be rewarded for your time and effort. What have you got to lose? Book your party today!
    Re-verified 7/15 ws, fb – free listing submitted 4/14.

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